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Our team has years of expertise in infection and noise control to ensure projects run smoothly.  We work closely with hospital staff to ensure the best patient care continues during the construction process. This communication and cooperation with the staff has enabled us to successfully run multiple projects simultaneously in an active hospital. 


The Driftwood Team is highly experienced in interior renovations and remodeling.  We have experience working with clients to meet demanding schedules and we are committed to hitting our target end date. We'll work closely with you and the neighboring tenants throughout the course of construction to provide the best experience for all parties. 


When undertaking a construction project within a specialty niche such as clean rooms, it’s important to have the right people on the job.  Driftwood has a team with numerous years of experience running active clean room construction projects while simultaneously keeping the area sterile, bringing the room up to codes that change on a regular basis, and using the latest products and technology.  We will handle the details, and we’ll make sure it’s a finished product you’re completely satisfied with.


When you are designing and building a ground up construction project, you need heavy hitters on the job.  Scheduling becomes increasingly important, and you need to bring in a general contractor who has experience working with the city to break ground quickly and efficiently.  Our team has what it takes to get the job done.  Let Driftwood Commercial do the heavy lifting for you.


Competition is soaring in Austin, Texas, and Driftwood knows what that means for retailers:  you need an edge and Driftwood can help you get it!  Let us build or renovate your retail space to meet your needs of drawing in new customers, introducing a new brand, or refreshing your current look!


The Driftwood team knows how valuable one day is in the restaurant industry.  It’s our business to understand your business – we will scope the project out with you, give you a detailed, accurate schedule, and we’ll finish it all within budget.  Work with Driftwood for a beautiful, yet speedy, project so you can open your doors once again and introduce your updated restaurant space to your customers!


Driftwood greatly admires the work that mission-driven organizations do in Central Texas each and every day.  Several of our team members even have professional experience with several local not-for-profits, so we have a special appreciation for the value these organizations bring to our community.  Because of that, we focus on value engineering and finding the most economical products to use when working with not-for-profits.  We know what it means to be resourceful and we strive to pass on any savings we can.  We would love to partner with your organization and provide you with high quality, yet cost efficient general contractor services.


Driftwood has a great appreciation of higher education institutions, and a keen understanding of the necessary seasonality scheduling when it comes to construction.  When your institution has fewer students during the summer or during the winter holiday, Driftwood is ready to swoop in and get the job done quickly and efficiently.  We know what it means to guarantee a completion date:  we double check lead times on materials and make sure our sub-contractors are available and ready when you need them. No false promises means your facilities will be ready for use when your students return for the next semester!